Workshop & Conference Topics

Below are descriptions of possible workshop and conference topics, but it is not an exhaustive list. Please let us know if you have another topic in mind, and we will let you know what’s possible.

Becoming an Expression of His Glory

A profound truth in the scriptures is found in Colossians – “Christ in you, the hope of glory.” In this teaching, you will learn about the various expressions and manifestations of God’s glory, what released the glory of God and what caused His glory to depart in the scriptures and the principles by which Jesus lived His life that brought glory to the Father. Through the teaching and prophetic activation exercises, you will also learn some of the ways you were created to uniquely release God’s glory on the Earth.

Creative Outreach: God’s Love & the Supernatural

Learn about touching people with the love of God in partnership with the Holy Spirit through the use of His gifts. The goal of the workshop is to impart Father God’s heart for the world and the basics of sensing His Spirit in order to speak and minister from that place. Practical exercises and an outreach are incorporated which make this workshop dynamic and interactive. Students then get to share about the outreach…this time is especially encouraging as students continually share how amazed they are at how God uses them and touches others with His love!

Dreams & The Language of God

This workshop will provide the opportunity for dreamers and non-dreamers alike to grow in understanding the hidden messages we receive at night as well as visions and pictures God gives to you and others.  Explore the wonderful world of the language of God who speaks in a myriad of ways!

In this workshop, you will develop a strong biblical foundation for understanding the language of God. Live interpretation and Q&A make this a highly interactive, dynamic and fun seminar. (Special Note: For the most in-depth teaching on understanding dreams & visions, we highly recommend John Paul Jackson’s courses. Jeannine has been a certified instructor of his courses since 2004. Churches or groups interested in hosting courses live may use the form on the Contact Us page to inquire about details.  The courses are also available online at Streams Ministries International.)

Dreams & Visions Intensive

Once you’ve taken the Dreams & the Language of God workshop, you are ready for the Dream & Visions Intensive.  This workshop is 100% practical and is focused on interpreting as many dreams & visions as possible in a live, dynamic workshop setting.  Students will deepen their interpretation skills and learn how to communicate their interpretations representing the heart of God in language people can understand.

Living in God’s Presence

There is a growing spiritual hunger in our culture, a longing to connect with God personally. During this workshop, you will learn about the presence of God – what happens as we spend time in His presence and how to access it. You’ll also learn how to dialogue with the Holy Spirit in prayer and practical things you can do to grow in intimacy with Him.

Spirit-Led Worship

Learn how the gift of prophecy can flow in worship to release spontaneous songs, poetry, sounds, art and other artistic expressions that communicate the heart of God. This seminar will teach keys to hearing God’s voice, what biblical worship looks like, how to engage with the Holy Spirit in releasing worship and unity dynamics. As a group, we will also spend time together sensing the flow of the Spirit in worship and bringing Heaven’s sounds, colors and light to earth through creative expression. This seminar is for everyone interested in worship.

Touching the Heart of God: Embracing Worship through the Arts

There is no doubt that the arts are seated in the heart of God. Throughout the Scripture, they are used to express Kingdom realities that pierce the soul and spirit of the ones who are privileged to create and those who experience what has been created. God is calling a generation of prophetic artists!

Through teaching, reflection, group exercises and creating various forms of art, we will explore these topics: Worship and the Arts – Exploring New Horizons, Ushering in the Presence of God, Being Grounded in our Identity and Purpose as God’s Artisans, and Art as a Spiritual Kingdom Force.

This encounter weekend is for creatives of all types (including beginners!) – painters, sculptors, poets, songwriters, dancers/movers, photographers, writers, filmmakers, potters…all are welcome! Come ready with whatever resources you use to create your art.

Prophetic & Dream Mentoring

We offer one-to-one mentoring! During a mentoring session, we will talk about dreams and other forms of revelation you would like to understand on a deeper level, coach you on how to interpret and apply the understanding to your life, and help you see and understand the nuances of engaging with the Holy Spirit as you process revelation. Sessions are offered in 30-minute, 1-hour and 1.5 hour increments. Click here for more info!

Streams Ministries Courses

* The Art of Hearing God

* Understanding Dreams & Visions

* Advanced Workshop in Dream Interpretation


For a full description of these courses, please visit Streams Ministries International.

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What People Are Saying

“Jeannine Rodriguez came to our church as a teacher for the Streams Ministries 101 course…She is extremely articulate, humorous and deep all at the same time. She has a great ability to engage the audience and hold their attention throughout a lengthy presentation, a gift that is unusual to find. I would highly recommend Jeannine to teach at any venue a church may have. You will not only be thankful you had her come, but will certainly invite her back.”

Roger Williams – Senior Pastor, Twin Cities Vineyard Christian Fellowship


“Jeannine is very concerned that the Word of God is delivered accurately, but also with the compassion, clarity, and power of the Holy Spirit. She has a great ability to engage her audience and listen to the Lord as she is preaching/teaching. Jeannine is also highly prophetic and moves freely in prophetic worship. I would consider her prophetic gifting her strongest gifting. She speaks accurately, with honor, and always in an edifying manner. Many have testified to how instrumental her prophetic words have been to their church and their lives personally.”

Peter Young – Senior Pastor, Bridgeway Church

“Working with Jeannine has been a tremendous blessing. We have found Jeannine to be an excellent communicator who connects well with her students. She is an energetic, down-to-earth person who is able to pull from her own life experience examples that drive home the truths she is presenting to each student. All the comments we have received from our students give her high praises for her effectiveness. Based on our experience we would recommend Jeannine without hesitation as an inspired teacher.”

Patty Mapes – Former Chancellor, Streams Ministries’ Institute for Spiritual Development