This devotional was specifically written to help readers open their heart to, and grow in their faith for, hearing the voice of God. For each day, the author has written a prayer and blessing grounded in the verse for the day… each verse is a foundational verse for understanding and growing in hearing God’s voice.

Jesus said in John 10:14 that His sheep hear His voice. As one of His sheep, or as someone who wants to become one of His sheep, may this devotional bless your soul and spirit to hear Him for the first time or to grow beyond your current experience of hearing Him. There is always more!

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What readers are saying:

“This book is nothing short of amazing! When I  first picked it up, I had no idea the powerful and astounding impact it would leave on me. Hello, Holy Spirit…thank You so much for this book. It is bringing me closer to You. I’m going to read it over and over again!”

“This book encapsulates the golden nuggets we need to live authentic Christian lives. These are exactly the prayers and blessings the world needs to steward hearts to intimacy with Jesus. In each daily prayer, Jeannine peels back layers of intimacy until you can’t help but get to the heart of the Father.

Fire and hunger were ignited within me as I read the prayers each day, and the words resonated in my spirit. Each scripture, prayer, and blessing gave me a practical road map and language to ask God for more. It is as though new pathways have been created for me to know the Father more fully. I have been challenged and stretched but at the same time held.”