We offer one-to-one mentoring! During a mentoring session, we will talk about dreams and other forms of revelation you would like to understand on a deeper level, coach you on how to interpret and apply the understanding to your life, and help you see and understand the nuances of engaging with the Holy Spirit as you process revelation.

Who are these sessions for?

Anyone who would like to:

  • Grow in their ability to engage with God’s Spirit for interpretations of dreams and other forms of revelation for themselves and others
  • Grow in understanding the nature of God and how He speaks through different forms of revelation
  • Grow in their ability to succinctly and clearly articulate interpretations of dreams for people of different spiritual backgrounds
How are these sessions conducted?
  • Sessions are offered in 30-minute, 1-hour and 1.5 hour increments via Skype or FaceTime video call*.
  • Scheduling will be managed via email once a session has been purchased.
  • Students will need to have the following ready for the video call: notes on revelatory experiences they’d like to discuss, note paper and two different colored pens.

* Skype is a free program that can be downloaded to PCs and Macs. FaceTime is available on the iPhone 4S and later models and on newer Mac computers.

For any additional questions, please use the form on the Contact Us page. We’ll get back to you shortly!

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What People Are Saying

“I have been doing one-on-one mentoring sessions with Jeannine for several years now, and they have been life changing for me.  Initially I just wanted to grow in my ability to interpret my dreams, and Jeannine’s wisdom and expertise in this area are unparalleled. However, our sessions have often morphed to include other forms of spiritual processing and direction as led by the Holy Spirit.  She has played a significant role in my spiritual formation and growth over the years, always encouraging me forward and deeper in my journey with the Lord, but never with any judgment or expectation that I would follow her lead. She is an incredible listener who is full of love for God and His people, and passionate about helping others tap into their full access and potential in Christ. I have referred others to Jeannine for spiritual mentoring who have also raved about her Godly counsel and intuition . . . so it is with great ease and great joy that I can recommend her to you too!”

 ~ Carey M. – South Carolina

“Having Jeannine as a mentor has been a gift to me!  Being able to press in together to the many ways God speaks – through dreams, visions, other revelation and Scripture – is empowering me to be confident that God indeed speaks to us personally.  Jeannine has a posture of humility and gentleness that gives me comfort to trust her.”

~ Sophia L. – California

“Unaware of what a great impact my dreams were meant to have for my relationship with Jesus and my personal growth, I got to know Jeannine in 2012. This opened up a whole new world of understanding and depth I could never have imagined. Jeannine has helped me in more ways than I can say. Because of her sensitive, loving, encouraging, endearing presence and her great wisdom in understanding and teaching me to know for myself what God is revealing, I feel totally secure with her with whatever strange dream or other experience I share.  Times with her are intense and very rich for me. Instead of being lost in unawareness, I’ve become more and more awakened to how deeply personal and loving my Heavenly Father regards me in everyday life as well as in important decisions. Being able to process my spiritual life with Jeannine has become one of my great treasures in life and I can only highly recommend her.”

~ Kirsten S. – Augsberg, Germany