An exciting collaboration between Movement in Worship, Psalm Drummers and Images of Light!

Essence Colorado will explore the dynamics of worship and outreach integrating movement, percussion and engaging with the supernatural realm. We’ll be connecting land, people and the Holy Spirit through worship, intercession, the prophetic, dream interpretation and more.

Building on a devotional and Biblical foundation the school splits into three training streams, ‘Movement’, ‘Percussion’ and ‘Spirit-Led Outreach’. Each participant will choose which stream they will do for the week, but they’ll also get a small taster of the other streams.

The ‘Movement Stream’ includes an exploration of moving in worship individually and corporately, the use of props, intercessory and prophetic movement. All participants will be prepared for moving on the streets.

Through group work, the ‘Percussion Stream’ explores worship and prayer using rhythm. You will be challenged and helped to become more creative in using your playing to connect with God and to communicate Him to others.

The ‘Spirit-Led Outreach Stream’ is grounded in understanding the Father Heart of God for the world and will explore creative ways through which we can engage with the culture of today and impart His love. Through dynamic teaching and practical activation, participants will learn about going deeper in the prophetic, the realm of the Spirit, biblical dream interpretation, and ministering to the human spirit with the purpose of incorporating these expressions of ministry in an outreach setting.

These streams merge together to take worship, intercession and the prophetic out into the community. This is a transformative week for the students and teachers. We are excited to see what God will do in and through us.

Please download the info letter for complete details:

Essence Colorado 2016 – Info Letter

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