Explore the wonderful world of the language of God who speaks in a myriad of ways! Learn how to engage with the Holy Spirit for interpretations of dreams, visions and pictures He gives you and others. Biblically-based teaching, real-life examples and live interpretation, activation exercises and Q&A will make this a highly interactive and dynamic weekend!

Join us for a fun and transforming time of growing in understanding the language of God!

Here’s what you can expect to gain from the seminar:

* The Father’s heart and a strong biblical foundation for interpreting dreams, visions and pictures

* Growth in understanding the language of the Holy Spirit

* Revelatory insight into the supernatural realm of dreams & visions

* Practical tools for unlocking the hidden meaning of your dreams, visions and pictures

* Ways for communicating interpretations in language people can understand

* Inspiration and encouragement in using the gifts of the Spirit outside the four walls of the church

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